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With The Kiev Major coming up, ROG and joinDOTA have teamed up to bring you our predictions from our experts. Today, we predict The Kiev Major's biggest surprise.

NOTE: These predictions were written before Team Onyx became Digital Chaos, and Digital Chaos became Thunderbirds!


With LAN events you are never certain who is going to be your biggest surprise but I would put my bets on a team with an insane amount of talent like eu Team Secret with the extra advantage that no one has publicly seen them play for over a month and even then it was only during the Qualifiers for Kiev. It has been a while since the name 'Team Secret' has been surrounded by game winning fear, taking you down the dangerous road of underestimating a team with Puppey at the helm.


ph TNC Predator - Since reforming around Raven and SamH, this team has looked incredibly strong in the SEA region and will definitely be looking to replicate the deep run they had at TI6. Thanks to the improvements in the region’s esports support and infrastructure systems TNC are looking better than ever and will no doubt be showing that in Kiev.


us Digital Chaos*. After speaking to DuBu and watching their games in the NA Kiev Regionals, they seem to have the right mix of players and two very clever minds in Dubu and Bulba to lead them. Seriously if any team doesn't ban Abed's Meepo it's a deathwish.


gr Ad Finem won't actually be pushovers. The ex-Ad Finem boys have barely played since coming 2nd at The Boston Major, and when they have played it hasn't been impressive. When we assume Ad Finem won't go anywhere in Kiev we're forgetting that we didn't see them going anywhere in Boston either. If they've still got anywhere near the level of frenetic energy they had in Boston at The Kiev Major, and if they are working hard at a bootcamp courtesy of their new organization, they could very well put on another amazing show for us.


Team Onyx from North America has great potential. Although most be people claim that NA is a bad region, I think Team Onyx can surprise a lot of teams in Kiev. The combination of DuBu and Abed has great potential. Dubu in particular seems to have come out of MVP's post TI slump much stronger now that he's playing with Onyx. Furthermore with DeMoN as well as Bulba they have a wealth of experience to lead the team.

Do you agree with any of us, or have we entirely missed an obvious one? Leave your predictions in the comments!