posted by Sun_Tzu,
Due to visa mix-ups at the airport, it seems as if the players of ua Na`Vi and ru Team Empire mix ua UA'Shecki, the Ukrainian representative for World Cyber Gamer 2012 Dota 2, will not make it to China in time. The players were supposed to fly to China and pick up their visas there, but the airport personnel at both Moscow and Kiev airports would not allow the players to board their flights.

We will be monitoring the situation as it unfolds, but for now, it looks as if UA'Shecki will be joining the ranks of ru M5 and ru Garaj Gaming of western teams who did not end up making the trip for various reasons.

Dendi just tweeted:

at HOTEL ! waiting for tomorrow . Small chances that we go Shanghai tomorrow

Update 2:
Another Dendi tweet:

this magic OWL always brings good news !!! big chances that we going ... (running in to the wall didn't work for me .... headache :( )

Update 3:
Zerogravity tweeted during the day:

[quote]@DendiBoss @OfficialYozhyk @NaViXBOCT Problem solved! You are good to go :) WCG awaits! GOOD LUCK!