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The open qualifiers have wrapped up, and closed qualifiers are set to begin. Meanwhile, one previously invited team has stepped out of the European division. Tomorrow we begin the final stage of the Qualifiers!For all information on matches/teams:— DreamHack Dota (@DreamHackDota) April 9, 2017
The teams to come through open qualifiers for Europe are ru Effect and ru Double Dimension*, while the North American qualifier team is a new stack known as us qwerqwer*.

European qualifier

North American qualifier

Meanwhile, in the later League play stage of the tournament, world Team B)ears* have dropped out. According to DreamLeague's announcement, B)ears "have decided to pull out from DreamLeague Season 7", but no reason has been given.

This comes after the team retweeted a tweet from support player my Adam Erwann 'Adam' Shah which suggests that he might be parting ways with the team. Neither Adam nor B)ears have made any further comment on the status of the team.— Adam Shah (@_adamdota) April 9, 2017

DreamLeague will fill the empty slot in the European division with a second European qualifier team.

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