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If you weren't able to watch the Dota 2 Asia Championships live, you might have missed several interesting videos during the broadcast. Here's a look at the three profile videos released during DAC 2017.


Newbee's star carry talks about his routine and love for exercise after a game day. We also learn that he has quite the positive mental attitude, keeping his team from tilting in a tough situation.

Jeremy Lin

This video about the team's sports superstar backer delves into his personal history with Dota as well as why he decided to get involved with esports himself.


We've already got an cn Bai 'rOtK' Fan player profile video, from TI5, but as one of the most popular Chinese players attending DAC this year, now he's got a new one.

The new video explores his routine, his love for food ( watch out if you're feeling hungry while watching this video) and, similar to Sccc, his role in keeping his team's spirits high.

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