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Some time ago kr Ryoo 'SeleCT' Kyung Hyun, former Starcraft 2 professional with a background in Warcraft 3, announced he was retiring from Starcraft in order to play Dota 2. He has now found a home with the newly picked up kr Mineski.Kor.

Update: After the posting of this article, we were contacted by team captain kr David 'Day' Dae who informed us that the Mineski news article posted today is incorrect, and that SeleCT has in fact left the team 12 days ago due to personal reasons. His replacement is kr 'Reisen'. The teams first showing will be this weekend as the South Korean representatives at World Cyber Gamer 2012

Update: Select confirmed through his twitter what we were told by Day:

Well... I think there is a mistake about mineski news. I left them quite long ago >< I am not attending WCG.

The team will be led by former Team International member Day. The other players on the team are not well known as of yet.

From the Mineski announcement:

[Quote]Mineski's goal as an organization has always been to advance eSports. Its efforts are, and will always be towards making great strides in legitimizing and enriching the new age of competition, and until recently, most, if not all of it has been focused in the Philippines.

Not for long, it seems. As the 2012 World Cyber Games loom over closer and closer Mineski has reached out for dedicated and hard working players; and it has found a team to support.

But not just any team. Mineski has always been known for its eye for quality and potential. So it went and found just that. A team that has overwhelming potential and the dedication to pull it off, from the country that has embraced eSports as a way of life.

That's right.

We've got Koreans.[/quote]

Mineski.Kor roster

kr David 'DAY' Dae (captain)
kr 'Reisen'
kr 'Pyoung'
kr 'DeviL'
kr 'PJ-'