posted by TobiWanKenobi,

With the first match of the World Cyber Games 2012 Grand Final only 3 days away the groups and teams and being confirmed with some last minute decisions to be made by the teams and organisers. The rules of the World Cyber Games caused an issue with cn Invictus Gaming and cn DK, with the problem starting when both teams qualified for Warcraft 3 DOTA and Dota 2.
The teams have been given the choice which game they wish to compete in with both iG and DK choosing to remain in the Dota 2 competition allowing cn LGD and cn TongFu to step into the vacant slots in the Warcraft 3 DOTA competition. With the new changes the groups are now as follows:

Dota - Group A # Name1cn LGD 2mn Almighty 3uz QAQ Dota - Group B # Name1cn TongFu 2mn Avengers 3kr BBJ