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The second of two very long days of DAC group stage games is over, and with just a couple matches left on Day 3 the battle for a place in the playoff upper bracket is heating up. Here’s a look at what happened in Group A on Day 2.

While things were much more messy in Group B, eu OG continued their win streak in Group A, beating both ru Team Empire and cn LGD.Forever Young 2-0, securing their place at the top of the group with an unbeatable 12 points.

After yesterday’s strong performances for il Tal 'Fly' Aizik on Visage, OG continued to draft the hero for their support player. They picked it in the first phase of both games against Team Empire, beating ru Vladimir 'Chappie' Kuzmenko’s Meepo in both encounters.

OG’s Game 2 draft was particularly interesting because it was the first tournament appearance for Arc Warden, who was added to Captain’s Mode in 7.00, but has been largely ignored in the competitive scene so far.

LGD.Forever Young were the first team to ban Fly’s Visage, but fared no better than Empire. They played extremely cautiously in Game 1, allowing OG all the space they needed for their Alchemist lineup to build up a healthy lead and finish the game with minimal fighting (and maximum farming).

LGD had the lead for most of Game 2, but all OG needed to turn the game around was a fight around their Tier 2 tower in which OG lost three but used s4’s buyback to secure three kills for themselves. One of the kills was on cn Du 'Monet' Peng’s Morphling, who was dangerously close to balling out of control. The fight led to an Aegis, and the Aegis was shortly followed by this game-ending team fight.

With that win, OG have just one match left to play against VG.J, whose performances so far have not inspired confidence. There’s a very strong chance that OG will emerge from the group stage undefeated, a feat no other team can hope to achieve.

Who will take second place?

Only one of tomorrow’s Group A matches matters when it comes to teams fighting for a spot in the upper bracket. With Team Empire and cn Team Random* currently sitting in 2nd and 3rd place in the group respectively and due to face each other at the end of the day tomorrow, none of the outcomes of the match allow LGD.Forever Young to catch up, even if they defeat world Team Faceless* 2-0 and take 3 points.

Team Empire have obviously done their homework if their record in the group stage so far is anything to go by. Despite a loss to OG (everyone in the group has, there’s no shame in it), the CIS squad have played their strengths well, taking mostly quick wins in true aggressive CIS fashion. Their last match of the day against VG.J dragged out quite long as cn Liu 'Freeze' Chang’s Naga Siren delayed their pushes again and again but Empire didn’t let the game get too out of hand and took the win despite the constant pressure from Radiance Illusions.

Wings on the other hand have been very inconsistent. If Team Empire can keep up their momentum, they could very well take a game, and that’s all they need. If Team Empire and Wings tie, Empire gets 2nd with 8 points. If one of the two teams wins 2-0, that team makes it to the upper bracket.

This is not to say that the rest of the matches don’t matter, because placement in the bottom four of the group will determine which teams face off in the first round of playoffs. It's hard to say how it will all shake out, as the bottom four of either group is far from decided at this point.

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