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DPL Season 2 concluded on the last day of 2016 with Newbee beating iG.Vitality 3-0 in the Grand Final, and now the next season of the highly influential league has been announced. DPL Season 3 to start in just a few days featuring the best teams in China. Full announcement:— Mars Media (@MarsMedia) March 13, 2017
Dota 2 Professional League has become one of the best ways to gauge the relative strength of Chinese teams, with most major squads participating. With plenty of games being played over the course of a month, DPL Season 3 will be a good indicator of the direction the meta is China is headed ahead of The Kiev Major.

The new season will have even more teams than the last, with twelve teams in this season's version of "Top League". What was previously known as "Secondary League" is now called "Class A", and will feature fourteen teams.

Top League runs March 15 through April 9 while Class A begins March 20 and runs a full month to April 20. The full list of teams has not been revealed, but with so many slots in both categories, you'll likely to be hard pressed to find a team that is not competing.

cn Team Random* withdrew from last season after playing nine matches, but their score was reverted to 0 wins, putting them in last place in Top League. In the Secondary League, cn VGJ.Thunder took three wins and six ties, never losing a match and ending the season comfortably in the lead.

Season 3 of DPL will feature a significantly reduced prize pool from Season 2, which boasted $800,000 USD, $100,000 of which was allocated to the Secondary League alone. In stark contrast, the new season announcement lists a prize pool of just $86,800.

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