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The four teams through to The Kiev Major Chinese qualifier playoffs have been determined after a long day of games lasting almost until 2AM local time thanks to a three way tie after the round robin. CN QualsIG.V won ties so they are 4thCDEC IG and VG are 1-3 (because they all played 1-1-1) VG 0:1 IG.VCDEC 1:0 IG.VIG 1:0 IG.V— Andrey Grygoriev (@x3m4eg) March 12, 2017

CN Quals so VG are 3rdIG 1:0 CDEC head-to-head so IG - 1stCDEC - 2nd VG - 3rd IG.V - 4th#KievMajor— Andrey Grygoriev (@x3m4eg) March 12, 2017

cn iG.Vitality made it through as the 4th place team after facing both cn PSG.LGD and cn Vici Gaming Potential in back to back tiebreaker games. As tournament admin Andrey Grygoriev explains, the rest of the placements were determined by head to head matchups.


The bracket has been set, and playoffs begin tomorrow. Unlike EU/CIS and NA/SA, two Chinese teams will qualify for the Major from regionals, so there is no Grand Final. The winner of the Winners' final and Losers' finals will qualify for Kiev.


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