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If you missed the 70 minute epic Game 1 between TNC and Team Faceless earlier today, we've got you covered with a look at all the best moments between two of the strongest teams in Southeast Asia. Even though Team Faceless took the win in the end, this was one of the most exciting games of the SEA qualifier so far, and TNC showed exceptional composure under pressure.

TNC's draft was built around protecting Drow Ranger and Outworld Devourer with Tidehunter on the front lines and Io for saves. ph Ryo 'ryOyr' Hasegawa played his signature Rubick and made several huge plays to keep his team in the game. The game went well for TNC early on, but things started to deteriorate when TNC comitted to a fight in their jungle that went horribly wrong when Ravage hit just one target.

TNC tried to keep up their aggression all the same, but when they pressured the mid Tier 1 tower with Ravage on cooldown, they were easily routed by Team Faceless.

Things went from bad to worse quickly as Team Faceless seized the opportunity to take a Tier 3, a melee barracks and the top shrine. TNC didn't roll over and die though. When Faceless returned for their ranged barracks, a perfectly timed Blink in from both ph Samson E. 'SamH' Hidalgo and ph Carlo 'Kuku' Palad melted de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier.

Faceless tried to keep fighting anyway, but ryOry managed to steal Chaotic Offering and pushed Faceless out of the base.

That stolen Warlock ultimate came in handy in the next big fight, when Faceless tried to go for Roshan.

Despite Faceless' commanding lead of the game, TNC were able to find opportunities to begin to turn things around. A bait in the top lane drew Faceless close to TNC's radiant secret shop ward, giving TNC the perfect start to this fight.

Unfortunately for TNC, despite their best efforts to hold off Faceless, each time they fended off Faceless' pushes, they still ended up with fewer and fewer buildings in their base. Eventually, Faceless had taken all of TNC's barracks and Raven was left defending against Mega Creeps in the base while the rest of TNC took on Faceless 4v5.

Even against such stacked odds, TNC still pulled off some jaw dropping plays, such as this Swap Spell Steal from ryOyr combined with an immediate Relocate from ph Timothy 'Tims' Randrup.

The last ten minutes of the game could be divided into numerous good clips, but instead we'll recommend it be watched in its entirety. The vod hasn't been posted to youtube yet (we'll embed that here once it has) but for now it can be watched on Twitch.

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