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Troll Warlord was the carry of choice for Team Faceless in Game 3 of the SEA regional qualifier upper bracket final that secured them a spot in The Kiev Major. Qualified for Kiev Majors! Thanks for carrying @BlackDotA2— Wong Jeng Yih (@NutZdoto) March 12, 2017
world Team Faceless* ended up in a three way tie for first place after the round robin stage. They faced ph TNC Predator in a semifinal match to start the playoff round, and after a long and hard fought series featuring a 70+ minute Game 1, Faceless were through to the winners' final.

Faceless didn't have much of a break before facing off against my Mineski, the winner of the earlier semifinal match against world Clutch Gamers. Mineski looked fresh after their lengthy break and took the series lead to start with a Lifestealer/Slardar combo that terrorized anyone they could get their claws on.

Things turned Faceless' way in Game 2 thanks to th Anucha 'Jabz' Jirawong' 1001 GPM Alchemist. Mineski held on for the first half of the game, securing plenty of kills on de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier's Vengeful Spirit, sg Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang's Nyx Assassin and the Faceless supports, but JabZ seemed immortal. After a fight at the 30 minute mark in which Mineski went all in to kill Alch but still couldn't bring him down, they called GG.

Mineski tried for comfort picks in Game 3, but against Team Faceless' insane physical damage output and kiting ability, Ursa and Shadow Fiend couldn't get anything done in fights.

With this win, Team Faceless become the first regional qualifier team through to The Kiev Major. They will hope to improve over their first round elimination at The Boston Major, which was their second LAN together after The Summit 6.

Since that time, the team has seen some growth. Their last LAN appearance was at Dota Pit League Season 5, where they made it through three rounds of lower bracket Bo1s before losing to OG in the losers' final, finishing 3rd. They remain dominant in online matches in SEA, but the real test of their abilities will come against international opponents offline in Kiev.

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