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After a long day of games, especially for the Southeast Asian teams, the team list for the Chinese and SEA regional qualifiers has been finalized, and both Team Bazaar squads are through to regionals. The Chinese qualifiers wrapped up without a single EHOME squad making it through to regional qualifiers. cn Keen Gaming faced cn Team Max in the final, but MAX won 2-1, taking the final Chinese regional qualifier spot.

One thing is very clear when looking at Team MAX's games, and that is that these guys love mobility. In Game 1, they bought 4 Blink Daggers. They picked up five in Game 2, but toned it down a bit in Game 3 with just three (plus three Force Staffs, a Hurricane Pike and a Silver Edge). They also picked Rubick in all three games.

cn Pan 'yChen' Shuai Fang on Team MAX was one of the players on DK Scuderia, one of the last Team DK squads before the organization shut down. He was known as yCyK at the time.

China Open Qualifier #2

my WarriorsGaming.Youth* took out sg Benedict 'hyhy' L. H. Yong's team, cn White Fries Gaming* 2-1 in the final best of three of the open qualifier, securing them a place in the regional qualifier.

Bazaar.Youth went through a incredibly tough four days. They made it to the quarterfinals in the Open qualifier #1, where they lost to White Fries, then did the whole thing all over again in Open #2, this time beating the team that had eliminated them.

To top it all off, the final game of the final series was a gruelling Anti-Mage vs Lone Druid push/split push epic, but Bazaar's AM pick paid off and allowed them to come back after losing all of their outer towers early on.

Southeast Asia Open Qualifier #2

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