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The Southeast Asian Champions Cup was over before it began after just one team signed up, giving them a free pass to the regional qualifier. us Prestige World Wide* are actually made up of North American players, but according to a post by us Mario 'Mario' Gomez in The Champions Cup official Discord server, the team has physically moved to SEA.

Their roster is:
us Mario 'Mario' Gomez
us Michael 'MJW' Nguyen
us Mason 'Remy' Hewitt
us welostgg
us Robert 'Wolf' Dyche

Valve introduced rules regarding the location of the players for The Kiev Major qualifiers. This is the full text of the location rule which can be found on the open qualifier tournament sites on FACEIT:

To be eligible to compete in the qualifier of a specific region, 3 out of 5 players of your team need to be physically located in that specific region.
Citizenship will not be taken into consideration, therefore someone who is a citizen of a European country can take part into the North American qualifier if they are physically located in a North American country and his team respects the majority rule.
Teams that do not meet the region majority rule, as states above, will not be eligible to qualify for the regional closed qualifier of that specific region.

However, the rules listed on the Champions Cup pages are different "Dota 2 Tournaments 5v5" rules, and do not mention the location requirements. According to FACEIT admin "TheOmicron" on the Champions Cup Discord server, "players were invited for the regional champions cups," but referring to the case of Prestige World Wide, "we did allow a team that qualified in the NA cup to play in the SEA cup as they relocated."

At the time of writing, there are no teams signed up for the Americas Champions Cup and just two teams are registered for Europe. The teams registered in Europe are se 4 protect five* and dk Mumble Elite.

Champions Cup tonight. Gonna be tough— I.K.E.A (@ikeadota) March 6, 2017

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