Some teams, casters allegedly still unpaid months after Northern Arena

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Almost four months after the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational LAN, some teams and casters have come forward to complain that they have not yet been paid by the organization.

As reported by theScore esports, Northern Arena CEO Carl-Edwin Michel is quoted as saying "We have already paid most of the teams," adding, "we are in touch with the remaining ones and made payment arrangement with them."

theScore also contacted several teams that attended the event and recieved multiple reports that they had not been paid prize money. The teams that confirmed this were world Team NP (2nd place, $20,000), se Alliance (5th-6th, $4000) and us compLexity Gaming (7th-8th, $2000).

It isn't just teams that claim to be owed money. Moonduck's Zyori also alleged in theScore's report that the talent that worked at the event have not been paid. Northern Arena did not comment on this allegation.

Finally, a representative for BEAT Gaming alleged that the organization was not paid for organizing the tournament and qualifiers, but Michel told theScore that "BEAT Gaming's allegations are false," and that "the two organizations are currently in a legal dispute over a breach of contract."

The Northern Arena BEAT Invitational was held in November 2016 and was the first Dota 2 LAN event of its size to be held in Canada. cn Team Random* took home the top prize by beating Team NP in the final 2-0.

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