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According to ru Vladyslav 'mtrx4u' Suzdal on today, Russia as of now has no team capable of attending the World Cyber Games finals taking place from 29th of November until 2nd of Decemeber in Kunshan, China.

Translation of mtrx4u post on

Russia will not be represented in Dota 2 at the finals of WCG 2012 in China. While M5 were first at the Russian finals after beating the mix known as Garaj; due to the dissolution of M5 their slot was given to Garaj, but they too ran into difficulties - some didn't get passport in time and some outright rejected the offer.

World Cyber Games requires teams to consist of players from one country only, which places severe limitations on many European teams. This has especially been an issue for the Russians, as in recent times their players have taken part in teams assembled from accross the CIS region.