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Adam Shah (formerly known as 343) took time between DAC qualifiers and Team B)ears upcoming Kiev bootcamp to speak to joinDOTA about the formation of the team, and where they might be headed.
Team B)ears from left to right: FATA, Forev, Feero, Adam, Yapzor (Image source: DotaSumo App on Twitter)

Note: this interview took place before the start of the StarSeries Season 3 LAN.

Hello Adam! First up, why the change to Adam instead of 343?

Adam: Everyone calls me Adam anyway, even at tournaments. No one calls me 343, everyone calls me Adam so I just thought ok, Adam, you know. You can't go wrong with using your
own name!

What about B)ears, where did that name come from?

Adam: FATA found this random picture of a bear wearing sunglasses online, we thought it was cool so it was like "we can be bears with glasses" and like I did the bracket with the B thing, the sunglasses emoji and everyone was like "ooooh" so we started using that.

Had you played together as a team before your recent DAC qualifier bootcamp?

Adam: Nope.

So now that you're not at the bootcamp anymore, are you able to practice as a team?

Adam: No. We just talk to each other a lot. We just talk about heroes and our pubs and stuff, nothing really major unless we watch tournaments together.

Was your DAC bootcamp all business then?

Adam: Not really, we had a lot of fun as well.

He's gone mad— Adam Shah (@_adamdota) February 9, 2017

Do you think that it is important for a team to spend time on your relationship as friends as well as teammates?

Adam: I think yea, for sure. It's always the bond that's important. It helps you be comfortable talking to each other and it's easier to play together as well. It's less frustration among friends and stuff like that.

What was the toughest challenge for you as a team during the bootcamp?

Adam: I think the first few days were tough because we all were new to each other and I think FATA coming from Liquid had a bit of a stronger concept than most of us so it was a challenge trying to keep up to him. After that everything kind of started working out better in a sense that we started to keep up and we started to implement our own ideas into what he was trying to get us to do. That's when the team kind of settled down and became an identity by itself.

What did you bring to the table in terms of concepts?

Adam: I think everyone had a similar idea of how we wanted to play, similar concepts to the game. I believe it's probably just the fact that I'm a very vocal person and it helps you know, like with drafting and stuff as well.

When you're drafting, are you the kind of team where everyone is huddled around the drafter giving input?

Adam: Not really, I think he prefers to draft alone and if he needs help he'll ask, which I think is the way it should be you know, it just makes it easier for him.

Pleasure having B)ears over for their #DAC2017 bootcamp at @DOJOMADNESS HQ in #berlinTheir first game kicking off in just a few minutes!— DotaSumo App (@dotasumoapp) February 3, 2017

What's your next plan as a team?

Adam: We'll all probably fly somewhere to bootcamp by the end of the month, depending on whether we are invited to regional qualifiers for the Major or not. If we have to do opens we'll fly a few days earlier.

How do you think Valve should or will distribute the invites for Kiev, do you think it will be similar to Boston?

Adam: I think the winner of StarLadder will probably be invited, the past few teams that have won LANs like EG, DC, OG. Ad Finem would probably be invited, I'm not sure because even though they got 2nd in Boston Major they haven't been performing well at all, but based on past history I think they'll still get an invite.

What about WESG, do you think that will count for Valve?

Adam: I'm not sure. I think besides OG there aren't really any clear cut invites right now. Liquid's been doing well but not at big LANs yet. I think the only way to get an invite is if they do really well at StarLadder. Other than that I think everyone else has to play qualifiers.

7.02 dropped in the middle of DAC qualifiers, do you think Valve will make any more adjustments to 7.00 before Kiev?

Adam: I think it's ok the way it is now, I think there are just some things that need to be fixed like the Earth Spirit stones and stuff.

Do you think the patch is still evolving or kind of settling in now?

Adam: I think a lot of teams have their own concept of how to play the patch and so far there hasn't really been a clear cut winner. I think everyone's pretty much figured out what they want to do with the patch.

Since the team is only coming together to practice at bootcamps right now is there a possibility for everyone to move together in the future?

Adam: I think once we settle down with a sponsor we'll probably fix the location for bootcamp and just all stay there or go in and out. I think it really just depends on what the players want and what the organization expects from us as well.

Has there been any interest from organizations?

Adam: Yea there's been a few. We're currently negotiating terms, so we're going to settle down on one very soon. Probably before quals.

Then that will have something to do with where your bootcamp is?

Adam: Yea for sure, because it's easier for me and Forev to get visas if the sponsor has an office in
whatever country it is.

Would you be living together in a team house in that case?

Adam: It depends on the sponsor. I think we're looking more for apartments and then one place to play together. I think living together in one house contributes to burnout. The difference I felt between my old team and the current one is when you don't see each other as often you kind of take a lot of things more seriously.

Thanks to Adam for this interview! You can follow Adam and Team B)ears on Twitter, and look out for them in the Kiev Major European qualifiers.

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