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The D2CL Season 10 came to a head last night when ru Chip+4* met se Horde*.

In the Grand Finals ru Maxim 'yoky' Kim was very much the instigator of Horde's demise. Yoky, who first came to prominence as an offlaner for Team Empire in 2015 and later was part of the roster who left VP to create ru Chip+4*, was on top form in the bo3 Grand Finals.

Despite ua Danil 'Bignum' Shehovstov's Sven raking in the farm in game 1, Yoky's Tinker dwarfed him in damage dealt and feasted on se Steve 'Xcalibur' Ye's Outworld Devourer. The former Team Empire duo Yoky and ua Ilya 'AlohaDance' Korobkin had the mid-lane totally under control putting Horde on the backfoot with their dynamic mid player Xcalibur's OD put out of commission time and time again. The high mobility of F.r.i.e.n.d.s with 4 Blink Daggers and Centaur's Stampede allowed them to overpowered Horde in game 1.

The second game was far more even with Horde slightly ahead until they suffered an extremely costly team wipe 20 minutes in, losing all 5 heroes in the space of 19 seconds. Once again Yoky was in the center of it all on a Magic Junkie Ember Spirit.

Horde had tried to mix things up and move Xcalibur to a safelane Luna but the former Fnatic player was once again common prey for Yoky. se Janne 'Gorgc' Stefanovski's Mid Viper was at least a success to keep Horde in it, but as the game dragged on his hero fell off, leaving F.R.I.E.N.D.S to finish off the Swedish team 2-0.

Horde were of course initially assembled for the WESG EU Regionals in November, but since then have competed in the WESG Global Finals in China last month and were part of the StarSeries Season 3 European Qualifiers. The team which is primarily a casual team has experimented with several places, and brought in il Neta '33' Shapira to replace se Eskil 'eskillz' Sundblad for the D2CL.

Final Standings
1. ru Chip+4* $2,500
2. se Horde* $1,500
3-4. ru Effect $500
3-4. kz Feive* $500

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