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The captain of Evil Geniuses dk Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen spoke to InieskaUA about why for him and his team DotaPit is more of a practice than a must-win tournament.

Cr1t: EG at DotaPit "to learn more than anything"
The interview was done before EG's first match at the DotaPit Season 5 LAN in Croatia,a tournament where EG captain said his team are focusing primarily on improving rather than going all out to win the tournament. "There are other teams that want to win really badly while we are here mostly to get better, learn the new patch," said Cr1t. "For us it's more of a learning process. Obviously we want to do well but we want to learn more than anything."

At DotaPit Cr1t said his former team OG was the team he most respected at the tournament. "We learn more an more every time we play them, and I think when we lose to them we learn about them than they do from us when we win". Cr1t added that in his mind he can anticipate how OG will move around the map but sometimes struggles to get that across to his team-mates.

Cr1t: "I didn't actually choose between OG and Alliance"
The EG captain also cleared up the events of 2015 when he was rumoured to have chosen to join eu OG over se Alliance for the 2015-2016 season. "I didn't actually choose between OG and Alliance, I was playing with both of them and N0tail was talking to S4 and they just decided between them that it was better this way that they got a Swedish player and I play with OG, it wasn't really my decision."

dk Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen's first season as captain of Evil Geniuses has been a glorious one. After seperating himself from OG in the summer has led EG to victories at MDL 2016, China Top 2016, as well as 3rd-4th at the Boston Major and 3rd at the Summit 6.

In the interview conducted by InieskaUA, Crit delved into his departure from OG in the summer stating when asked that the issues facing that particular line-up "were going to be hard to resolve, and I don't think it could have been fixed, it was a matter of personalities clashing. Crit went on to say "I didn't have any problem with any of the team but I think it was just a mismatch that I think over the time built up to be something worse and worse for us. Something just had to happen."

Evil Geniuses at time of writing are already top 3 at DotaPit and will ironically face OG for a spot in the Grand Finals. Cr1t said after DotaPit the team will take a month break and reassamble in March for a month's bootcamp before DAC and the Kiev Major.

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