Interview with Ferrari_430

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In an interview conducted by GosuGamers, the famous solo mid player for team cn Invictus Gaming, Luo "Ferrari_430" Fei Chi, talks about his personal life and future plans, about his team and the experience of winning The International 2012.

Image courtesy of Valve The International 2012 photostream.
Being one of China's top solo mid players yourself, are there any European or South East Asian players that you respect? Why?

There are many outstanding players that I admire but I would pick Mushi for his ability to lane against me at mid lane as well as Dendi for his understanding and usage of spells. Those two players have made a deep impression on me as a player.

If you had to sum up your TI experience in one word, what would it be?

Perfect. From the way Valve organized the tournament (structure and rules) to the arrangements they made for players (accommodation and travel), it really showed the amount of meticulous thought and planning that went into The International.

In your opinion, what was the reason why Na`Vi was able to defeat the top three Chinese teams to win the Upper Bracket?

First and foremost, there is no doubt that every player in Na`Vi are all highly skilled in what they do for the team. They are all outstanding players and it was no surprise that they took down the top Chinese teams at The International. You can tell that they are a really bold and adventurous team and I think this is due in large part to the amount of confidence they have in themselves. Na`Vi is not afraid at all to test weird heroes or draft weird lineups, and the best part about it is - it works wonders for them.

Why did that same reason not work out for them in the finals against your team?

Like what I mentioned before, often you will see Na`Vi trying out things that no one expects them to do, but in the grand finals they picked up a lineup that LGD was very adept at playing - the combination of Dragon Knight and Naga Siren. I would call this a ‘conventional’ strategy. In fact, it was hard for them to beat us with that strategy because LGD had used this exact strategy against us in the many scrims that we played before The International. We were already familiar with how we were going to counter it [recall Faith’s amazing performance on Disrupter].

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