4.3 million matches and #1 most popular. A look at Monkey King's first week

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Monkey King has been in the game for an entire week and he's still going strong. Is he really imbalanced or has Icefrog hit the nail on the head this time?

Monkey King has now been in the Dota 2 for an entire week, we round up some of the growing trends of the hero. We'd also love to hear your thoughts and tips on the new hero now you've had a chance to come to grips with him.

Monkey King's record
Monkey King was easily the most picked hero this week featuring in more than 50% of games, 56.46% according to DOTABUFF, but his winrate however hovers just below 50%.

In no MMR bracket has Monkey King dominated but he has not yet suffered the abrupt massive drop in popularity we have witnessed when other heroes such as Earth Spirit and Techies were added to the game.

Monkey King has also proved extremely flexible in terms of position, which could make him a power play should he eventually be added to Captain Mode's. Although he has had the most joy in the Mid lane with a 52.3% win average, the hero so far seems better suited to the Offlane or Safelane as it allows for better use of Tree Dance and Mischief to strike unexpectedly from the shadows.

Talent: Jingu Mastery Passive proving terribly popular
The most popular builds so far focus around Monkey King's passive Jingu Mastery, which grants four charged attacks after the fourth consecutive attack on the same target. These charged attacks not only deal additional damage but also lifesteal, 20% at level 1 which increases to 50% by level 4. It is therefore, unsurprising to learn that the majority of guides suggest maxing the ability as quickly as humanly possible.

It is important to note that thankfully the illusions spawned by Monkey King's ultimate Wukong's Command do not benefit from Jingu Mastery, otherwise we would probably all be doomed. Given just how powerful the Jungu Mastery passive is, players so far have focused on increasing the heroes attack speed early on, and the +20 attack speed is by far the most popular level 10 talent.

Rather ironically Monkey KIng's own staff the MKB has not been the weapon of choice, and in fact Echo Sabre was the 2nd most bought item on Monkey King behind Phase Boots in his first week on the main client, which allows Jingu Mastery to proc faster. Not to mention the movement and attack speed slow from Echo Sabre also work on Monkey King's ultimate illusions. Nasty.

Echo Sabre is a firm favourite due to MK's passive Jingu Mastery

If coupled with Monkey King's Q Boundless Strike and his 100% Crit level 25 talent - picked in over 88% of the 4.3 million Monkey Matches this week - the Monkey King becomes quite the handful. Desolator has been the second most common weapon followed by another firm favourite Abyssal Blade, allowing for another stun while they beat the living daylights out of their enemies.

Monkey King's Tree Dance - which allows him to perch on top of trees but visible to high ground wards - and Mischief should negate the need for the likes of a Shadow Blade to surprise opponents, but that has not stopped players opting for the item despite only a 45% winrate across the board.

There is an added benefit to the item though as Monkey King can activate it while on top of a tree and not break the invisibility when he leaps down, allowing for the ultimate stealth kill on an unsuspecting passer-by!

Only the level 15 talent choice is proving a difficult one

Overall it is still early days but Monkey King is proving to be a ridiculously fun hero to play and also quite the MMR boosting ally in the right hands. Considering he has only just been added to the game it is of course highly possible he will be nerfed, and his passive ability's lifesteal could be one target.

Tell us your Monkey King experiences in the comments, we hope they're not too painful.

Have you enjoyed Monkey King's first week?

If you were to nerf one Monkey King skill, which would it be?

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