Elimination Mode 2.0 is a reality with Evil Geniuses, OG and DC all signed up

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Moonduck Studios will be holding another Elimination Mode tournament following the success of the first season, and they've attracted quite the crowd.

Elimination Mode 2.0 starts next week
Elimination Mode 2.0 as the name suggests will follow the elimination mode rules, which means that any hero picked or banned in the first game of a series is then removed from the pool for the rest of the series. This means that in any given series no hero can be played or banned more than once, which makes for some very interesting drafts as the series continues.

To make things more interesting and also to engage the community, Moonduck will be allowing the public to vote on 10 heroes which will be "immediately banned for every match in that particular day". The Elimination Mode 2.0 will begin almost immediately after the end of the Boston Regionals, and run from the 1st to 7th November.

Participating teams
us Evil Geniuses
us compLexity Gaming
world Planet Odd*
world Team NP
eu Team Liquid
ro Kaipi
eu OG
eu Ninjas in Pyjamas*

1st place: $10,000
2nd place: $6,000
3rd place: $2,000
4th place: $2,000

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