1437 speaks about LGD.int

posted by Jaywalker,

In his first interview since joining eu LGD.international, ca Theeban '1437' Siva speaks to ESFI about his new team, how the team got together, training in China, and more.
First of all, congratulations on the recent sponsorship and the move to China. For a lot of people, this came as a pretty big surprise. Can you tell us how it all came about? How was this selection of players decided upon?

Thanks! It came as a huge surprise to me as well to be a part of this amazing opportunity. Pajkatt initiated the formation of a new team that would become LGD.int and started to gather like-minded players to compete and practice at the highest level.

The roster seems like a fairly eclectic mix of individuals from a range of different teams and nationalities. What was it about each person that made the cut as opposed to others? Prior commitments, availability? Was region a factor in considering who to take?

Everything was considered before each individual was chosen. All in all these players are all capable of playing against the top Chinese players and will be able to improve together. Availability was a factor since we will all stay in China for a fairly long time and people will have to be fully motivated and sure that pursuing their Dota 2 career in China is what they want to do. How we all would get along with each other, and adapt over the course of our stay in China were other things that were considered as well.

I can’t ask you to speak for the rest of your teammates, but for you, what went into the decision to put your life on hold in Canada for 10 months and go to a completely new country?

Well, DotA has been my passion for a few years now and I feel that this opportunity will give me the chance to improve greatly as a player and to play on even grounds with the Chinese. This opportunity is what I have been envying about Chinese players since the first time I heard of it. In the end, I will know exactly how I feel about competitive DotA and whether or not I want to keep pursuing this passion afterwards.

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