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The last day of the $250,000 MDL is near at hand, and it will begin with a rematch between OG and EG, who fight for their place in the Grand Finals against Newbee.

Don't miss the EG vs OG rematch in the LB Finals of MDL 2016
It might be worth staying tonight to catch the final day of the MDL 2016, especially as the lower-bracket final at 6am CET is us Evil Geniuses versus eu OG.

The pair met in the groupstages, which ended in a 2-1 victory for Evil Geniuses (Match Recap). The result was unexpected considering how strongly OG started the series, new addition au Anathan 'ana' Pham's Outworld Devourer an unstoppable threat in game 1.

The Australian ended the first game with a 21-1-5 KDA on OD, but was on the sidelines in games 2 and 3, unable to make an impact. OG's draft in game 3 in their last encounter with Evil Geniuses proved a little overzealous, Jerax's Riki and S4's Magnus both fell victims to the damage output of Evil Geniuses' Morphling, Timbersaw and Axe. Cr1t won the battle against his former team OG in the groupstage, but now faces the challenge of proving it wasn't a fluke.

S4 and Jerax are two of three new additions to OG (Photo from OG's Instagram)

Meanwhile OG recovered from their 2-1 defeat to cn Newbee in the first round of the playoffs by dispatching both cn Vici Gaming and eu Team Secret 2-0 in the lower-bracket. Their drafts against Team Secret were spot on, the third-pick Morphling for Ana in game 1 worked out beautifully as he was able to Ethereal Blade shotgun down the Secret supports with ease.

Meanwhile dk Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein shone in game 2 on Naga Siren, a hero Puppey used to great effect against EG yesterday (Match Recap).

OG did not bring their A-game to the last encounter with Evil Geniuses, but fingers crossed they get stuck in when the pair meet in the early hours of tomorrow morning. The winner will progress to play cn Newbee in the Grand Finals of the MDL 2016.

Who will be crowned champions of MDL 2016? (be honest)

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