Star Series Finals are a few steps away

posted by Roegnvaldr,
The majestic competition of Dota 2 dubbed SLTV Star Series nears its conclusive moments. As previously stated, the finals will take place at the Cyber Sport Arena, in Kiev, Ukraine in a fantastic LAN event between the 18th and 21st of October. Players from all over Europe will engage in battle for the main prize of $15,000.

The event went through turbulent times and had to see two teams leaving just before the LAN finals, and one of the replacement teams also pull out, but it still delivered smashing performances and the finals promise to be even more spectacular.

With a four-day event span, the seven competing teams will be dividided between two groups, with the captains of ru Moscow Five and ru Empire choosing their opponents in a sequential order. The group stage will have "best-of-two" matches which will earn the victor three points for two wins. If a tie happens, both teams will be awarded one point each.

The top two leaders of each group stage will go to the play-offs, having four teams to face off in best-of-one matches. Semi-finals will be Best of Three and the finals will up the ante with a Best of Five match.

Teams participating at the StarLadder LAN finals


ua Natus Vincere
ru Team Empire
ru Virtus.Pro
ru M5.BenQ
eu mousesports
se Skånes Elit
dk MeetYourMakers