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Although the matchup between world Planet Odd* and kr MVP Phoenix* ended up in a draw, both games were filled with intense Dota with both teams proving why they are two of the best teams in the world.

Resolut1on became the saviour when all hope was lost

Game 1 began as what seemed to be an easy game for MVP. Although the early tower advantage belonged to DC, the Koreans were nonetheless doing what they are known to do - playing fast-paced Dota raking up kills after kills.

Displaying their high individual skills, the Koreans continued to snowball and the graphs showed that the game was theirs to lose. Their teamfight-centric draft proved too much for DC to challenge. With the lead that they had, even Blitz commented that it was unlikely for MVP to lose the game.

Graphs for Game 1

However, when all hope seemed lost for the American team, ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok unleashed his prowess. The Ukrainian tricked the Koreans with his replicates, even using the replicates to juke MVP and through all of this, managed to single-handedly destroyed the melee barracks on all three lanes and one ranged barracks before falling to the hands of kr Seon-Yeob 'QO' Kim.

By this time, mega creeps were only a matter of time and although the Koreans tried valiantly to defend their Ancient, including a Rapier on QO's Slark, MVP could not leave their base to push and almost 71 minutes into the game, MVP conceded defeat.

QO exerts revenge killing off DC at their own fountain

Although they dropped Game 1, MVP stuck to what they did best, drafting QO's mid Phantom Assassin as well as kr Kim 'Febby' Yong-Min's signature Bounty Hunter. Just like in Game 1, DC had the early tower advantage whereas MVP had the early kill advantage.

In Game 2, however, Febby was more of a nuisance not only giving vision and pressuring all the different lanes but also having track as the ability that synergised very well with MVP's play style which included lots of ganks and kills.

Even though the Americans had one good fight in which they almost team-wiped the Koreans, they just could not find their way back into the game. MVP just continued to grow deadlier by the minute, which culminated in QO killing off both dk Rasmus 'rASmus' Fillipsen and us David 'Moo' Hull in their own fountain after he was pulled into it with the Moo's Flaming Lasso.

By this time, the Americans knew that there was no way back into the game and called 'gg'.

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