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The last surviving foreign team world Planet Odd* will face a major test tomorrow in the Nanyang Championships when they go up against cn PSG.LGD, one of only six teams to receive a direct invite to Ti6.
MiseRy shared his thoughts of the competition on stream - Image courtesy of Nanyang Championships

Digital Chaos' strongest LAN performance to date
The performance so far at the Nanyang Championships is Digital Chaos' strongest performance on LAN since the organisation was formed. Their highest placement on LAN previously was 7-8th at the Summit 4 (out of 8 teams), and 9-12th at the Manila Major (out of 16 teams).

At the moment Digital Chaos are certain of at least top 6, but victory against LGD Gaming tomorrow would ensure top 4. The NA team fell from the upper-bracket after underperforming against cn CDEC.Youth*, but a 2-1 win against the only other western team at the event ru Team Empire kept them in the competition. It was however, a hard-fought victory.

Team Empire did not go out without a fight
They had come back from 0-1 down after a painful fight in their own jungle at 33 minutes in game 1 . Misery's Lion had Amplified Damage on it and DC decided to group up in their own jungle despite Empire having vision of them. Empireru Roman 'Scandal' Sadotenkov's Moonlight Shadow from their side of the river allowed them to cross and gank DC perfectly.

W33's Bat Rider fell instantly after a Slardar Blink crush put him on a plate for the rest of Empire, and a 3-man Echo Stomp from ru Yaroslav 'Miposhka' Naidenov's Elder Titan and Ancestral Spirit ended any hopes of an escape for DC. It was well played by Team Empire to catch all four of DC and only Misery's Lion escaped death. The fight would be the most significant of the game, and from that point on DC were never able to come back into the game.

Empire's Moonlight Shadow Gank in game 1 was ruthless

Drow Ranger aura strat works in pro games too
The second game of the series was a very slow one with a meagre 12 kills in the first 20 minutes. ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok's Drow Ranger and ro Omar 'w33haa' Aliwi's Invoker were just ahead in networth and farm, and DC slowly edged ahead.

Their Drow Ranger aura strat worked nicely even without the addition of Enchantress or Windranger to their draft, and the Mirana, Vengeful Spirit and Invoker all were able to dish out the damage while Beastmaster drew fire. The game was won from the 25-30 minute mark after patiently farming up Agh's on Invoker and Dragon Lance BKB on Drow.

Wacky drafts by Empire in decisive game
Team Empire were clearly not too keen on the draft that just beat them as they headed into the final game, with 3 of DC's 5 heroes from the previous game banned out by Empire. Both Mirana and Beastmaster were banned in the first phase, followed by Invoker as their fourth ban.

Empire's draft for the final game looked a bit bonkers and included TerrorBlade, Oracle, Broodmother and Elder Titan. ru Roman 'RAMZEs' Kushnarev Terror Blade and ru Vasily 'Afterlife' Shishkin's Broodmother did get some space in the game to do some damage, but lacked a strong lockdown to pin down W33haa's Storm Spirit. W33haa milked the opportunity and was able to sustain himself throughout the battles.

Empire's wacky draft did not work out in the end, and although W33haa's success on the unpopular Storm Spirit was incredible, the final game was definitely a team victory. DC played as a unit in the decisive game and ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok's Drow was very much at the center of it.

Resolut1on had 8 kills and 33 assists, meaning he was directly involved in 41 of DC's 51 kills. Empire might have done better to stick to something more conservative like they did the opening game, but nevertheless it was not an easy win for Digital Chaos. DC are now the only foreign team left in the competition after my WarriorsGaming.Unity lost to Vici Gaming Reborn in the other lower-bracket match.

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