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A 10-player disconnect forced VG-R and Newbee into a debate over how to resume the game in a fair manner. After half an hour of discussions the two teams however, could not come to an agreement.
Both teams disconnected at the same time but before the drop Yang's Beastmaster died

The Context
The game in question was the third in their playoff match at the Nanyang Championships Season 2, an event currently being held in Shanghai. At 24 minutes a 5-on-5 engagement happened in cn Vici Gaming Reborn*'s Radiant jungle, and following a Cask on cn Zhang 'Mu' Pan's Timbersaw - which looked to be the setup for their initation - all of VG-R's heroes bizarrely began auto-attacking. A few seconds later the entire VG-R AND Newbee team all disconnected from the game at the same time but not before cn Zhou 'Yang' Haiyang's Beastmaster died.

Unfortunately in Source 2 there is no ability to restart the game just before the disconnects happened, and the admin of the tournament according cn Wang 'SanSheng' Zhaohui gave both teams half an hour to discuss how they would proceed.

Sansheng explained on Weibo Newbee tried to come to an agreement with VG-R to continue the game

Newbee Sansheng and VG-R Mikasa share their thoughts
"Newbee agreed to give up a support and have both teams retreat, or to let Morphling use E-Blade to burst down Timber and restart the fight," said Sansheng on Weibo (above). "In the end we couldn't come to an agreement which resulted in this frustrating ending. Everyone involved are good friends privately so fans please don't worry! It's a small matter!"

The frustrating ending was that VG-R instead chose to take the forfeit loss rather than continue the match. VG-R captain and former coach cn Tong 'Mikasa' Junjie said on Weibo he thought having to continue the game after losing the Beasmaster would be the equivalent to a team wipe.

"No replays possible, and neither teams could come to an agreement. We couldn't agree to each other's suggestions, and was forced to accept Beastmaster dying and continuing the teamfight," said Mikasa on Weibo (translated by N-Grey). "We couldn't accept that since it was equivalent to being teamwiped. So instead we decided to fight from the Loser's Bracket. Those who wish to lecture me, please spare me. I'm not that educated."

The networth chart just before the mass disconnect by all players in the game

The Draft for Game 3

Since VG-R's decision to forfeit the game their opponents Newbee have gone on to beat cn PSG.LGD 2-0 which ensures them of at least a Top 3 finish at the Nanyang Championships Season 2. VG-R on the other hand now play my WarriorsGaming.Unity in the lower-bracket.

If you wish to check the fight in question and own the ticket for the Nanyang Championships, the fight begins at 24:30.

If you were the admin what would you do in this situation?

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