71: PCT has left EHOME

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In an interview with SGamer, cn EHOME manager cn Wen Yi '71' Tang confirms that cn Miao Long 'PCT' Zhang has left the team. The team is currently seeking a replacement, and 71 also revealed his thoughts about the team's performances in Seattle, their future plans, and Dai possibly returning to solo mid once again.

Original article in Chinese from SGamer, translation by Jaywalker.

357, PCT, LaNm, Dai, KingJ.

EHOME was able to achieve 5/6th place in The International 2012, is this result satisfying?

Whether it be the players, the team, or the organisation, no one would be satisfied with getting 5/6th place. But it is evident that we have skill issues. Yesterday I wrote a lengthy email to the four members for discussion, and there really are too many problems to work on.

During the competition PCT's performances were lackluster, is this a problem that existed during trainings? Or was PCT uable to perform well in a LAN setting?

I believe it is a combination of both. During trainings there were problems exposed, but his mediocre form has to do with his mental state. I believe his confidence was hurt deeply because of high expectations and scrutiny from everyone.

Did EHOME have internal conflicts because of PCT's performances?

No, I believe PCT being unable to play at his fullest potential is just one issue. Tackling this sole issue is pointless. Furthermore, the team and I have always treated PCT as a our teammate, and I for one hear more encouragement than any complaints.


During the competition Dai rarely played solo mid, and did not play his signature Storm Spirit in the earlier games as well. What was the intention of such arrangments?

Dai was never supposed to play Storm Spirit for two reasons. Firstly, Dai himself believes that it is hard for him to carry the team in the second or third role; second, PCT's heroes are mostly Dai's heroes. With both of these factors, Dai could only play support roles. When we were playing iG in the Losers Bracket PCT was supposed to play Storm Spirit, but when we selected the hero the crowd went wild. PCT said he does not dare to play it and requested Dai to take the hero. Even Dai himself was shocked.

What is the team's future plans, will there be roster changes?

Definitely. PCT has left EHOME, therefore there needs to be someone to join. In terms of which player we have no final decision, but we must firstly fix LaNm and Dai's roles, and wait for 357 to finalise his ideas.

During the competition the team regularly used the combination of Tiny and Wisp. Was this strategy effective during trainings? How was this strategy developed?

During serious trainings we will win [with Tiny and Wisp], it's just that there were no opportunities to use it to train with Chinese teams, therefore it was not developed to perfection. Dai has been playing Wisp for a long time, before the hero was released competitively in DotA both him and Crystal play the combo regularly. Tiny is definitely great. If you see everyone at the event clapping and giving standing ovations while chanting "Tiny, Tiny, Tiny, Tiny, Tiny, Tiny...", you will find that this game is amazing.

What do you think about Dota 2 compared to DotA? What are the areas it is better or worse?

This should be addressed to the players. While speaking to BurNing and DC in Seattle, BurNing said the biggest change is attack animations. DC said that IceFrog mentioned to the commentators that during their casts they should not mislead players into thinking the map size is different. IceFrog himself has done tests about the size and I myself am interested to know the statistics.

What do you think about the growth of Dota 2, could it replace DotA?

When you listen to the complaints that all Chinese players have about DotA then you would have your own judgment. There will be people that stick with DotA, but professional players will likely shift towards Dota 2.

Note: EHOME is the only big team that is not part of Association of China E-Sports (ACE). ACE has imposed regulations on EHOME, such as disallowing other Chinese teams to train with them etc.

Is ACE still limiting EHOME's training opponents and more?

These questions should be directed to ACE; team questions ask the teams.

Facing such bans from ACE, what is EHOME doing in trainings to solve such problems?

We can't do anything about it. In the eyes of foreign teams we are a Chinese team, but in the eyes of Chinese teams we are a foreign team. We can't blame our mediocre performances on this, I believe Na`Vi themselves didn't get the best training environment too. Many people have asked me about this ban from ACE, you really should just ask ACE, who is agreeing to such decisions?

During your stay in Seattle are there any memorable events?

We have always been on good terms with the players from EG. After performing poorly in the group stage, Maelk said that they are looking to forfeit future games. I shared with them my thoughts and hoped that they would trust themseleves and teammates, to persevere. You can see that their performances later on were incredible, almost defeating iG in a Bo3. We were clapping for Evil Geniuses too. As for Na`Vi and iG, they were both memorable on certain games. Puppey's stategies, thoughts, and ability to adapt was outstanding; we looked into Dendi's laning statistics and we were astonished. During my free time I talked to Puppey quite a bit, and his mentality and thinking is constantly moving with time, and is something we should all learn.

iG's focus on pushing and having five core heroes in TI2 was great. I even believe that it could initiate a new meta-game and deep analysis. After the group stage the team and I got together and watched about ten of iG's replays, and their game pace is very quick, every five minutes destroying a tower, pushing and winning in around 35 minutes. This is something which many top teams are not able to do.

Haven't seen BurNing in a long time, it was nice to reunite in Seattle. For three days in the group stage I would be watching the games alone, he would come and speak to me until games finished just like a close friend, and I was very glad. All of the team really hoped DK could win it all.

EHOME losing out to iG

Now that The International is over, fans are concerned that EHOME could once again disband. Could you discuss this?

This question I have answered during an interview in Seattle. EHOME forming a team is not for the purpose of one tournament. I am looking to build a great team, not business with players.

Previously people were saying that EHOME will be sold, what is the current situation?

When I heard of this I gave my boss a call, all he said was for the team to stay focused and not be disrupted by outside information, and confirmed that this would not be happening.

Rumor is that Crystal could be joining EHOME?

I first heard about this from other media personnel. I received a call from Crystal yesterday, and we did not speak too long. I think we need to solve our internal issues and have a clear direction before any of such discussions.

EHOME team roster

cn Wen Yi '71' Tang (M)
cn Yao '357' Yi (C)
cn Yang 'KingJ' Zou
cn Zeng Rong 'Dai' Lei
cn Zhi Cheng 'LaNm' Zhang