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Digital Chaos and Empire now face each other in the lower-bracket after both failed to deliver against Chinese opposition in Shanghai.

Foreign teams now fight amongst themselves
Evil Geniuses, Secret and Fnatic's withdrawal from the competition days before it started definitely bumped Digital Chaos up the pecking order at the Nanyang Championships Season 2, but a loss in the first game of the playoffs to a very convincing cn CDEC.Youth*, does reduce their chances of progressing far. Likewise ru Team Empire can have no complaints at being in the lower-bracket following a lacklustre performance against Wings.

The last team to drop down to the lower-bracket will be either cn Newbee or cn Vici Gaming Reborn*, both who pose a major threat to the three foreign teams who are all now in the lower-bracket. Digital Chaos now unfortunately face ru Team Empire in the lower-bracket, and Empire especially could do with a good result in Nanyang after missing out on qualifying for TI6 and Summit 5.

Aside from Ramzes666's Timbersaw, Empire were underwhelming against Wings

The results are also not especially good for the organisers, and early exits for either of these teams will definitely impact viewership of the competition abroad, which were already obviously hit hard by the withdrawal of Secret and Evil Geniuses.

Resolut1on and W33haa during the draft against CDEC.Youth

DC can't complain, CDEC.Youth were the better team
CDEC.Youth's 2-0 victory over Digital Chaos was fully deserved, but the NA team did seem to be experimenting a little. The first game for cn CDEC.Youth* against world Planet Odd* was a "Morphling pub stomp" according to caster Ryu, and cn Wang Chun 'Ame' Yu's 28-1-8 KDA on the carry hero says it all.

It had looked to be a favourable early period for DC, but sadly it went a bit topsy-turvy when they were 0-7 at 10 mins in, and aside from some nice hit and run play by ro Omar 'w33haa' Aliwi on a midlane Mirana, they did not really get into the opener.

The second game was a much more convincing display by DC, despite an unusual Shadow Blade Earth Spirit for dk Rasmus 'rASmus' Fillipsen. However from about 30 minutes onwards it slowly slipped away from them with cn He 'InFlame' Yongzheng's Refresher Orb Axe and cn Wang Chun 'Ame' Yu's incredible farmed Naga Siren taking over.

The Track kills were lucrative for CDEC.Youth, and by the end of the game 15 minutes later Ame's Naga Siren had more than double the farm of ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok's Lifestealer. The game was much closer than the first for about half an hour, but if DC wish to get ready for the Summit 5 next week they need to get some momentum going.

TI5 runner-up cn Chen 'xz' Zezhi is part of CDEC.Youth

us David 'Moo' Hull had an uncharacteristic performance, ending the series with an overall KDA of 0-18-25, and all in all it seemed Digital Chaos grossly underestimated their opponents in the first game. The attempt to salvage the series in the second game was unfortunately not enough.

Despite the name, CDEC.Youth do have experience, which includes cn Chen 'xz' Zezhi, who was part of the CDEC roster that reached the Grand Finals of TI5. CDEC.Youth now play cn Team Random* in the semi-finals, Digital Chaos now must fight Empire for survival.

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