posted by joinDOTA Staff,
The first default date of jDL #10 is tomorrow, but keep in mind that finding your own time to play together with your opponent is the key to make the league enjoyable. If you haven't got in touch with your Playday #1 enemy yet, it's overdue to do so now! Don't forget, that you have to write a comment at last 48 hours in advance, although we won't punish as strictly yet in the first week.

Furthermore everybody please note a few changes in our rules regarding stand-ins and gameaccounts compared to previous seasons.

Gameaccount changes are now restricted directly before matches as part of the league rules:
A player may only take part in a match as official team member, if he hasn't joined the team or changed his gameaccount within 24 hours prior to the match time (according to rule III of the Schedule section). Otherwise he will count as a stand-in and the team has to comply with the stand-in rules.

There is also a completely new set of rules regulating one of the most discussed problems within the league: What exactly is the punishment for playing with an illegal lineup, if reported afterwards? While punishing obvious rule break harshly seems like the natural choice, we felt like too often it's just an accidental slip (like being logged in with the wrong account) that causes an otherwise deserved win to be turned right into a loss. That's why we ultimately decided to change it up a little bit: With the new rules, all teams are required to check their opponent's lineup BEFORE the start of each game and not just afterwards!
4.5.1 Both teams are responsible for checking their opponent's lineup before the start of the game, or during the draft at the latest. If a lineup is found illegal according to rules 2.4 (e.g. wrong steamaccounts or too many stand-ins), the opposing team may refuse the start of the game.

4.5.2 As soon as the first creepwave spawns without previous protest, the game has to be concluded regardless of the lineups.

4.5.3 If the game is delayed due to one team not joining with a legal lineup, it counts the same as if a player were missing, and the standard punctuality rules apply. However the team has at least 5 minutes to fix the lineup, even if there was less time left according to 3.3.

There are a few more rule updates as well, however those are merely redrafts and not actual changes.

If you haven't read them yet, have a look at our rules now:

General Rules for Amateur Competitions
Additional League Specific Rules