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ru Virtus.Pro has always been able to attract the top players from the Dota scene, once being home to legends like de KuroKy, ru Azen ru Dread, ru NS and many more. Now they are looking for more same stars, but from the opposite gender. The all girls squad will include personalities we have seen before in the scene as well as some new ones. The offical statement from Virtus.Pro:

Today our organization decided to unite 5 talented girls with big ambitions under our tag. The captain of VP.Ladies is an experienced player from Russian scene. She was a captain of RoX.KIS Ladies for a long time.

It is unknown what competitions the team will compete in, and with there currently being no-womens only competitions, the girls will have to prove their abilities like any other team.

From left to right: Vendetta, b2ru, Mila, Jea1ousy, KozaDereza

The captain of the new squad, ru Olga 'KozaDereza' Dunaeva, gave the following statement:

We are happy to become a part of such serious team as Virtus.Pro. We’ll try not to let down the organization and our fans. I also hope that our cooperation will make a positive impact on female Dota scene that is just starting to develop. Maybe more teams and sponsor will now pay attention to female teams!

Virtus.Pro Dota 2 Ladies roster:

ru Olga 'KozaDereza' Dunaeva (captain)
ru Yana 'b2ru' Himchenko
ru Darya 'Jea1ousy' Jiltsova
ru Veronika 'Vendetta' Albasheeva
by Mila 'Mila' Alieva

Special thanks to Stephan for the translation