iG will meet Na`Vi in Championship Final

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After an epic series against ua Natus Vincere, cn LGD unfortunately drops down to the Losers Bracket final and will go up against fellow countrymen cn Invictus Gaming. Both teams were dropped down by Na`Vi, and one will earn the chance for possible revenge on the defending champions in the Championship Final.

[B]cn Invictus Gaming vs. cn DK
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After going 19-0 throughout the tournamnet, LGD fell apart in two consecutive losses against Na`Vi and it surely hurt the team's morale. Will LGD be able to recover in time against iG? The team's strategies have been figured out and it would be up to lGD to surprise their opponents. Throughout the tournament we have always talked about just how amazing the teamwork and synergy from LGD is, but there are just moments where special plays from special players can break any level of teamwork. Will we see anyone step up to take that void?

iG themselves are the direct opposites of LGD. A team of five highly skilled individuals, iG lacks no starpower and plays with a sense of urgency and aggressiveness most teams lack. In terms of individual skills, they are on par with the likes of Na`Vi, but are they playing to their fullest potential? Against LGD, iG will need to give everything they've got to earn a place in the Championship Final.


cn LGD 1 cn Invictus Gaming 1

Game 1

This was definitely one of the best games of the tournament. iG got into a great start as YYF's Brewmaster was able to be involved in many kills and assists, intiating perfectly countless times. On the other hand, Faith's Enigma had a horrendous time as he was constantly disrupted by xiao8's Beastmaster. Despite having a significant disadvantage, LGD knew they were still in it as Sylar was able get much farm and get many items. Several great fights from LGD near the Roshan pit helped reduce the deficit and iG found themselves unable to deal with Morphling. With Lone Druid and Brewmaster losing their strength as time passes and Morphling gaining momentum, iG was in danger of losing. However, buybacks and amazing plays from iG absolutely caught LGD off guard whilst they were trying to enter their base. With several heroes down for LGD, iG proceeded with haste to seal the deal with this window of opportunity.

Game 2

LGD takes Anti Mage for Sylar, iG goes with Morphling for Zhou. This is the classic fight between two top carries, and the laning phase allowed AM to gain a considerable advantage up against a helpless Broodmother. Lion was the surprise pick for LGD, but no team had a clear advantage. AM manages to get a 14 minute Battlefury, but ChuaN's support Tidehunter manages to get a quick Blink Dagger despite having minimal farm. LGD's defensive play did not allow iG to get many kills, and all the while AM continues his farm. It got to a point where AM was just monstrous and impossible to kill, and iG were struggling to deal with his split pushes. A last ditch attempt from iG saw them completely destroyed and they call GG.

Game 3

In the second game we saw Lion, this game iG takes Lich. It was once again Morphling up against Anti Mage, only this time iG had AM and LGD with Morphling. Both carries were unable to get good farm in the mid lane, and struggled to find space to farm. Zhou was only able to puchase his Battlefury at minute 20, although YYF's Windrunner had great farm and obtained an early Mekansm. But when you have an AM, all you have to do is farm all night, and Zhou certainly did that. A Heart of Terasque was purchased and LGD had no chance to make a comeback. LGD tries to engage but simply could not fight against iG. Anti Mage simply overwhelmed everyone and LGD calls GG.

iG will proceed into the Championships Final up against Na`Vi, and definitely looking for revenge. You will not want to miss the final!

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