joinDOTA League Season 10: Think your team name is lit? Enter our contest!

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There's still a chance for you and your team to win the prestigious Golden Easy Camp Award. All you need is an awesome team name and a group of friends ready to enter the joinDOTA League battlefield.

You still have time to enter! Don't miss out
The Pretentious Postmodern Douchebags (PPD) and the Teenage Meming Noob Tryhards (TMNT) were just two of the teams who put a bit of extra effort into their team names for the joinDOTA League. If you think you have a better one you could win yourself the Golden Easy Camp Award in the the upcoming joinDOTA League Season 10!

There is just under a week left until sign-ups end for the awesome joinDOTA League Season 10, and in celebration of our tenth season, we set you guys the challenge of coming up with the best team name on the face of the planet. We also said we would reward you, and reward you we shall.

Win awesome prizes with an awesome team name
The Golden Easy Camp Award for the best team name will include ten level 24 Battle Passes for you and your entire team. Simply sign-up your team to the new season (links below) to be entered into our team name competition. The top 10 team names will be chosen by us, and the winner crowned by you the community!

In order to register your team for the competition all you need to do is sign-up your team to the joinDOTA League Season 10 before the deadline on Tuesday 21st June at 18:00 CEST. The public vote on our top 10 will begin on Friday 24th June.

Don't have enough team-mates to make a team?
Whatever you do don't panic as we just opened a forum especially for you. If you would really like to compete in the joinDOTA League but do not have a team, you can visit our dedicated forum to help you find one!

Learn more about the joinDOTA League Season 10.


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