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The Nanyang Championships held its first season in Singapore last Autumn, but the Chinese organisers have decided to bring it closer to home for Season 2.
Team Secret were the winners of the inaugural season last November (Image: NYC)

Nanyang Championships no longer an SEA event in Season 2
The first Nanyang Championships was a massive success - Red vs Blue DJ anyone? - but there will be some changes to the competition for it's second season, which will take place from the 6th-10th July.

The first change is the location. Although organised by Chinese company KeyTV the first Nanyang Championships was held in Singapore, and at the time was the largest prize pool for an SEA event (recently broken by ESL One Manila). After a bumpy groupstage which involved hand drawn group standings, the tournament got in full swing during the main event with a substantial live crowd and some great matches.

However despite the success, Season 2 will not be held in SEA and instead be hosted in Shanghai, China.

Since the Nanyang Championships, KeyTV were involved in the production of the Shanghai Major's opening days, which unfortunately saw them unceremoniously fired from the event by Valve shortly after James "2GD" Harding.

The Nanyang Championships Season 2 will be a chance for them to get back on track, and by hosting it closer to home it should reduce overheads and complications.

50/50 balance between invites and qualifier spots in Season 2
Season 2 will have the same prize pool of $200,000 as Season 1, but the number of participating teams has been reduced from 10 to 8. In Season 1 there were six invites and four qualifier spots while in Season 2 there will be only 4 invites and 4 qualifier spots.

Participating teams
4 x invites (1 SEA, 1 EU, 1 Americas, 1 China)
4 x Regional Qualifiers (1 SEA, 1 EU, 1 Americas, 1 China)

Double elimination Bo3 playoffs
Bo5 Grand Final

Prize pool
1st. $100,000 + 12% of Ticket Sales
2nd. $50,000 + 6% of Ticket Sales
3rd. $25,000 + 3% of Ticket Sales
4th. $10,000 + 2 % of Ticket Sales
5th to 6th. $7,500 + 1% of Ticket Sales

The invites and qualifier spots are to be evenly distributed, with EU, NA, SEA and China all receiving one direct invite, and one regional qualifier invite.

After reaching out to one of the organisers of NYC, we know that the nationality of a team will be based on their organisation and not their players. Thefore, it is no major surprise that reigning champions Team Secret would be classed as a European team despite only having 2 European players.

An important point to note is that due to the event falling in July it means invites and Regionals for The International 6 will have already been decided.

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