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kr MVP Phoenix*, who already received a direct invite to the Manila Major last week, silenced any doubters after a clinical finish at the WePlay Season 3 LAN Finals.
This was MVP's second LAN title in 2 months having won the DotaPit Season 4 as well

The competition had it's fair share of amusing moments, from Doom-style green screens to matches going on until 3am in the morning, but it was a memorable tournament to say the least. (Be sure to check out Pajkatt and ODPixel during the EG vs Empire draft)

The winners of the tournament MVP.Phoenix had not played an official match in 2 weeks, and their last outing was at the Starladder I-League where they suffered early elimination. Prior to this however, they were the victors of the DotaPit Season 4 LAN FInals, a victory which ensured them a direct invite to the Manila Major.

MVP Phoenix brought back some golden oldies in their drafts at the WePlay Season 3 LAN Finals, including Venomancer. Their opponent in the Grand Finals was ru Vega Squadron *, a team they faced three times during the event, and who they dispatched 3-1 in the final match with relative easy aside from game 3 where Vega secured three team wipes. Vega, like MVP, had been an early casulty of the Starladder Invitational, but at the WePlay Season 3 LAN finals they were responsible for eliminating us Evil Geniuses in the LB Final.

Evil Geniuses were making their debut and after a rocky start losing to Vega and MVP in the groupstage, managed to go all the way to ultimately finish in third place. MVP's victory makes them the only team to win two LANs in the Spring season.

Final Standings
1st. kr MVP Phoenix* - $71,027
2nd. ru Vega Squadron * - $28,715
3rd. us Evil Geniuses - $15,945
4th. ru Team Empire - $8,766
5-6th. ua Natus Vincere - $5,875
5-6th. pe Elite Wolves - $5,875
7-8th. ru Team Spirit - $3,684
7-8th. gr Ad Finem - $3,684

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