compLexity are champions of The Defense

posted by Tezzeret,
After months of epic matches, The Defense - powered by Razer and BenQ - has finally come to an end with us compLexity emerging as champions, winning 3-1 against eu mousesports, while se Counter Logic Gaming finishes third. For their great run, coL takes €6,000, mouz walks away with €2,500, and CLG bags €1,500.

Grand Final
us compLexity VS. eu mousesports

Game 1
Recap by Tezzeret


:d2_lyc:b: :d2_tide:b: :d2_lich:b:
:d2_veno: :d2_inv: :d2_sla:


:d2_chen:b: :d2_eni:b: :d2_en:b:
:d2_fur: :d2_lesh: :d2_ld: :d2_bm: :d2_vs:

Employing a roaming Leshrac and Vengeful Spirit paid off for compLexity netting themselves a quick first blood on Keeper of the Light. Continuing with their trilane, compLexity quickly nets themselves another three kills with zero casualties at 6 minutes. Interesting thing to note is that Black who was playing Morphling decided to morph strength completely to agility even before creep spawn, which paid of in mid lane, gaining an incredibly high cs early on.

compLexity shows of their prefect teamplay, taking kills left, right and center, pulling the kill score to 9-3 as well as taking out 4 of mousesports tower in just under 18 minutes with their own towers receiving minimal damage. With a quick Radiance up for Syallabear, compLexity pushes their advantages further, pushing out their lanes with quick succession.

compLexity taking an easy Roshan

With the lack of map control, mousesports was forced to play close to their base, only able to net their fourth kill at around the 26 minute mark. Pushing their advantage further, compLexity takes the second Roshan relatively uncontested and takes three kills in the aftermath. After same great engages as well as some nice pick-offs, compLexity manages to secure game one at 45 minute.

Game 2
Recap by Jaywalker


:d2_lyc:b: :d2_bro:b: :d2_am:b: :d2_sto:b:
:d2_fur: :d2_mor: :d2_lich: :d2_sk:


:d2_lyc:b: :d2_chen:b: :d2_lesh:b: :d2_tide:b: :d2_bm:b:
:d2_ds: :d2_veno: :d2_en: :d2_cl: :d2_ss:

With mouz Doto you always expect chaos, and with a trilane against trilane at bottom, kills were happening constantly. A mistake in positioning saw Enchantress picked off early and coL were able to assume control of the jungle. Despite pulling back a few kills, it was undeniable that mouz were getting dominated at bottom, with TC's Morphling reaping the benefts with 6 kills in less than 10 minutes.

A make or break moment came for mouz as they attempted to steal Roshan with just Enchantress and Shadow Shaman, but was scouted by Nature's Prophet. With superior positioning, coL looked to have secured a huge advantage as they took out Shadow Shaman and Venomancer easily. However, with a quick rebuy from SingSing's Shaman mouz was able to take down the extremely farmed Morphling and finish off Roshan.

Black and SingSing about to perform manliest Doto.

After Black finishes his Orchid on Clinkz, mouz initiated a few successful ganks and coL was forced to play with a safer approach. Interesting enough, Black opted for Linken's Sphere instead of the more conventional BKB as his defensive item. With Clinkz at level 20, ixmike's level 9 Rubick was torn to pieces in 3 hits.

A great play by coL at bottom caught mouz offguard as they proceed to kill four enemies for a price of one. However, mouz took revenge by killing all of coL's heroes on top lane. Sensing their huge advantage, mouz were able to catch coL in Radiant's forest and proceeded with a 5-0 team wipe, and coL calls GG.

Game 3
Recap by Jaywalker


:d2_ld:b: :d2_chen:b: :d2_lesh:b: :d2_ck:b: :d2_mor:b:
:d2_bro: :d2_veno: :d2_en: :d2_ss: :d2_vip:


:d2_ds:b: :d2_lyc:b: :d2_am:b: :d2_cl:b:
:d2_fur: :d2_tide: :d2_qop: :d2_lina:

Despite securing a quick first blood on Nature's Prophet at mid, mouz's trilane on top looked shaky and a few bad positioning saw mouz completely losing their top lane. However, a skirmish at bottom lane went completely wrong for coL and they losing some of their advantage and mouz earning some breathing space.

After a great start, SingSing was able to get Bottle, Mana Boots, Blink Dagger and level 11 in 11 minutes. With superior pushing power, mouz constantly pressures coL while Black once again opts for a unconventional item by purchasing Mekansm on his Viper.

However, as mid game approached coL knew they had superior teamfight and decided to force mouz to group up and fight head on. With important push items, better stuns, and AOE, mouz had no chance up against coL and the game was over.

Game 4
Recap by Tezzeret


:d2_am:b: :d2_lyc:b: :d2_sd:b: :d2_en:b:
:d2_fur: :d2_tide: :d2_veno: :d2_qop:


:d2_ds:b: :d2_ld:b: :d2_ck:b: :d2_chen:b:
:d2_lesh: :d2_mor: :d2_sk: :d2_om: :d2_jak:

Choosing to go all out or nothing, mousesports went for two rather unorthodox heroes, picking up Ogre Magi as well as Jakiro. compLexity responds with a Distruptor pick. With an aggressive trilane at bottom with Venomancer, Disruptor as well as Queen of Pain allowed compLexity to take a quick first blood, followed by two other quick kills. The Americans continued with their constant pressure at bottom, getting two more kills and denying mousesports of their precious farm.

Even though, Black on Morphling was able to get his farm up, it was to no avail as compLexity with their mass disable line up was able to take out mousesports' heroes in quick succession. Kill score at 12 minutes was 12-3 in favour of compLexity. However mousesports did not give up, with some superb positioning by Bamboe on Sand King they were able to come up on top in most teamfights, gaining the slight advantage.

compLexity ruthless with pressure.

Both sides continued with the pressure, taking kills after kills. In the end, great teamfights from compLexity closes out the series as well as taking the title as The Defense 2 champions!

Final Standings

1st - us compLexity - €6,000
2nd - eu mousesports - €2,500
3rd - se Counter Logic Gaming - €1,500

Congratulations to compLexity with their victory as they join ua Natus Vincere to be the champions of the competition. The Defense will return with season 3 after The International, stay tuned!