Brand new Epicenter LAN breaks record for largest independent EU prizepool*

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The Epicenter LAN was unveiled during the Shanghai Major and already on paper it is breaking records for the largest prizepool outside of China for a non-Valve event, not to mention the star-studded list of invites.

Epicenter perfectly placed to be significant
After the success of Starladder i-League and even during the tougher periods of the Shanghai Major, the general public seemed keen to the idea of another LAN to be hosted in the CIS region, and they will certainly have it.

The Epicenter LAN was announced on Friday and will be held in Moscow from the 9-15th May. The location is the Crocus City Hall, capable of holding over 6,000 guests, and the prize pool is set at $500,000. For non-Valve sponsored events only WCA 2015 had a larger base prize pool at $677,284, making the Epicenter the biggest ever independent prize pool outside of China.

The dates of the LAN are also important. Valve stated that the Manila Major would start at the beginning of June, meaning this event will mostly likely fall after the invites for the Manila Major have gone out. The Epicenter therefore could be the last big LAN before the Manila Major, which would make it a key stop for teams looking to get in shape for the next Major.

Top 5 BASE prize pool leaderboard for non-Valve events

1. $677,284 - WCA 2015
2. $500,000 - Epicenter
3. $472,410 - WCA 2014
4. $312,500 - Starladder i-League
5. $300,000 - Starladder Season XIII

Please be aware this is a base prize pool leaderboard and does not include increases from crowdfunding. (Source). The difference can be quite significant, for example the base prize pool of i-League season 1 was just $16,000 but the final prize pool after crowd funding was over 18 times larger at $311,655.

Big names already invited
The organisers have already confirmed the names of the six direct invites, and they include both Major winners; eu OG and eu Team Secret, as well as Summit 4 champions us Evil Geniuses, MDL Winter 2015 victors cn EHOME and Starladder i-League and WCA 2015 title holders se Alliance.

List of direct invites
us Evil Geniuses
eu OG
se Alliance
eu Team Secret
cn EHOME (replaced by eu Team Liquid)
ru Virtus.Pro*
+2 Wildcard positions

Update: 7th March 2016

Our invites were delivered in January and back then were justified. Overall nothing has changed since this day, however due to the importance of the visa application procedure we cannot afford to wait for teams to finalize their roster changes after the Shanghai Major. This is why we have to unfortunately revoke EHOME's invitation and welcome Team Liquid to Moscow instead. We’re confident that this gives them further opportunity to continue their recent phenomenal play.

Mark Averbukh, Epicenter CEO

Four wildcard teams to be flown to event, much like at TI5
Epicenter will also be adopting a format we saw at The International, where the four winners of regional qualifiers also attend the LAN finals, but compete in a groupstage ahead of the main event to decide who takes the two positions.

The organisers reverted to a SEA qualifier instead of a CIS one, and along with SEA, Europe and the US will have Open and Regional qualifiers organised via FACEIT, while the Chinese qualifier will be outsourced. Winners from the open qualifier progress to a closed Regional qualifier to decide who takes the Wildcard for each region.

The links to sign-up for the open qualifier can be found below:

EU teams can apply here
SEA teams can apply here
US teams can apply here

Tickets for the main event will be available for purchase in early April.

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