Still got what it takes? Navi and Empire qualify for DotaPit LAN Finals

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Despite big name departures across both teams and a dip in results, ua Natus Vincere and ru Team Empire have taken the hits and kept moving forward to qualify for a LAN finals.

Team Empire like Navi will miss out on the Shanghai Major next month, making the DotaPit Season 4 LAN Finals from the 19th-20th March their next LAN event.

Stroke of luck for Empire who almost missed out on the LAN
ru Team Empire recently lost their mid-player ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok, who moved to NA team world Planet Odd* in a surprise transfer after he played in all of Empire's DotaPit groupstage matches, and it was almost another stroke of bad luck for Empire as ru Tornado.RoX*entered their last match.

Tornado.Rox match against Hellraisers was the last of the group matches, and a clean 2-0 win would have allowed them to steal the LAN spot from Team Empire. Luckily for Empire, Tornado.Rox actually dropped the second game and the series ended in a drawing which puts Empire top of EU 1st by just 1 point.

Navi qualified on head-to-head victories
Navi on the other hand have bounced back from a shaky appearance at Starladder i-League to top one of the EU groups in DotaPit, and also recently qualified themselves for the Grand Finals of the EU ESL One Manila qualifiers.

They found themselves tied for 1st place with ru Vega Squadron * and ru Team Spirit at the end of the other EU group, but 2-0 head-to-head victories over both teams saw them take the only LAN spot for that group.

DotaPit Season 4 will be the first high profile LAN post-Shanghai Major
This concludes the DotaPit Qualifiers as the SEA and NA qualifiers were settled 6-8 weeks ago, and now all eight competing teams have been decided. The main event is to be held in Split, a coastal town in Croatia, inside the 10,000 seater Spaladium Arena.

Participating Teams

eu OG (invited)
eu Team Secret (invited)
us Evil Geniuses (invited)
ru Virtus.Pro* (invited)
us compLexity Gaming (NA Group winners)
ru Team Empire (EU 1 Group Winners)
ua Natus Vincere (EU 2 Group Winners)
kr MVP Phoenix* (SEA Group Winners)

Interesting tidbit: Empire and Navi will be the only teams at the DotaPit Season 4 LAN Finals to have not competed at the Shanghai Major.

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