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Resolut1on has proven to be the vital addition to world Planet Odd*. His aggresive play style, coupled with the team's impeccable rotations, enabled them to defeat Shanghai Majors qualified us Team Archon* in the Grand Finals, bringing home



A force to be reckoned with

This is the first time the revamped DC matches up against Archon. The last time the two American powerhouse teams met was during the Shanghai Majors America Qualifiers in which the latter prevailed. This time however, DC's new mid player has shown that, although playing miles away from the team, is still no pushover.

The series began with Archon capitalising on their team-fight oriented draft. This allowed them to pull away with a massive lead on both us David 'Moo' Hull's Legion Commander and us Jaron 'Monkeys-Forever' Clinton's Templar Assassin. DC had to concede game 1 as their lineup clearly could not come back from their growing disadvantage.

Nonetheless, game 2 and 3 witnessed ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok flexing his muscles as his aggression not only shut down Archon's mid player but kept the whole team at bay. Even when Archon had the Aegis, Resolut1on's bloodlust on his

Death Prophet

allowed them to break a tier 3 tower and secure some kills at the same time.

Resolut1on's quick reactions on his


also proved vital in securing their victory over Archon as he constantly punished their mistakes, shutting down their players while extending his gold and experience lead. Even on the


, Resolut1on examplified his keen map awareness as his spot-on sunstrikes and quick reaction times secured kills as well as created space for their carry stand-in, us Mason 'mason' Venne.

Multi-hero Chronosphere

No man is an island

But DC's victory cannot be attributed to only one man. us Sam 'Bulba' Sosale had an outstanding game as the offlaner,

catching multiple heroes in his Chronosphere

and always ensuring that he was farmed. In fact, his last hits was many a times on par with Resolut1on's solo mid farm.

ca Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling too showed off his improvement on

Earth Spirit

. Commentators KotLGuy and Maut noted that his last game on the hero was unimpressive. Even they were surprised at Aui_2000's improvement as his rotations and Rolling Boulder shut down Archon's heroes as he ensured kills after kills with each rotation.

Just a "glorified scrim"?

Captain us Brian 'FLUFFNSTUFF' Lee possibly took the opportunity to try out new heroes and drafts in preparation for the upcoming Shanghai Majors, drafting

Lifestealer for Moo


Pugna for Jeyo

, both of which has not been played by them competitively yet in this patch. If this is the case then perhaps we might see some surprising and unexpected picks from Team Archon during the Majors.

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