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Arc Warden made its competitive debut earlier today in the match between us Evil Geniuses and eu Team Liquid. The match was from DotaCinema's Captain's Draft Season 3, and was the final match of group Hippo. As a result of the match Team Liquid will join the lower bracket, and Arc Warden played quite the role in Evil Geniuses' win in the first game. Ironically us Clinton 'Fear' Loomis tweeted the following on Friday, two days before he debuted the hero.

The victory over Team Liquid means that Evil Geniuses and ru Vega Squadron * progress to the upper-bracket in the playoff stage of DotaCinema's Captain's Draft Season 3. Group B, or Group Horse as it has been named, has yet to begin but includes world Planet Odd*, se Alliance and ru Virtus.Pro*.

What is Captain's Draft?
Captain's draft is another mode of battle in Dota 2, but uncommon in competitive play. DotaCinema's Captain's Draft was the first tournament to make use of the format in an official capacity.

In Captain's Draft team captains can ban three heroes at the beginning of the draft, and then they take turns picking five heroes from a pool of 27 random heroes. All heroes are available in Captain's Draft, and the 27 random heroes include 9 Strength heroes, 9 Agility heroes, and 9 Intelligence heroes. Arc Warden is not available in Captain's Mode but he is in Captain's Draft.

Full VOD: Watch the draft for Synderen's thoughts on Arc Warden

What are YOUR experiences against Arc Warden?

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