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In a rather unique turn of events, world STEAK GAMING* have withdrawn from WePlay due to what the organisers called "friction between players", although it may not be so cut and dry.

world STEAK GAMING* had already started their campaign in the $200,000 WePlay Season 3, winning their match against de Wombat Gaming* but losing to eu Team Liquid and se London Conspiracy*. In our joinDOTA poll STEAK Gaming were the second favourites to qualify for the next stage behind Team Liquid, but according to WePlay's announcement on the subject: "Steak Gaming has withdrawn from our tournament due to the friction between players".

However, it may not be so clear cut based off of us Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas's response on Twitter. Another possible cause for the withdrawal is the loss of se Elias 'Sealkid' Merta, who tweeted last week that he would take a break from gaming.

Regardless of the motives, Steak Gaming has been replaced by ru Pajero Esports*. What is more, the organisers have decided to let the replacement inherit the score of their predecessor, meaning PRIES start off in 4th place ahead of eu Mamas Boys*.

Elsewhere two teams unfortunately disbanded, ru Walrus Punch* and eu No Logic Gaming*, the former of which will be replaced by ru HellRaisers who also inherit WP's 0-2 score thus far. NLG's results on the other hand will be nullified.

Plenty of action to come with double-round robin
The groupstage is well underway and eu Team Liquid completed all their first set of games with a perfect score: 7 wins out of 7. Liquid were the firm favourites to win the group, winning 86.2% of votes in our joinDOTA poll last month.

The groupstages are double-round robin, which means there is still another whole round of competition before the LAN final participant is decided. Other teams to start well are se London Conspiracy* as well as their former roster who are playing under the name gr Ad Finem.

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