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Valve's 2016 Winter Battle Pass announced today comes with some important changes to trading and chests, which appear to be an attempt to address common frustrations with the system.
These two changes will make it easier to get your hands on these ultra rare sets

Aside from the pandemonium about all the new hats now on offer, there are some other changes to trading and chests which might have passed you by undetected, but which will definitely have an impact on the cosmetic market.

First change: Higher odds to win Rare items, less tears all round
The trend to put sets in chests rather than allow players to buy them individually is not a new one, but the addition of the extremely attractive Rare, Very Rare and Ultra Rare, left some people disappointed even after opening copious amounts of chests.

In response Valve has now added escalating odds for players each time they open a Winter 2016 Treasure. Therefore; "The chances of receiving an Ultra Rare item from a Winter 2016 Treasure now improve with each one you open."

Second change: 3-month trading ban lifted - You can trade items directly
You will no longer be stuck with unwanted items
The second main gripe with the Fall Compendium for many, and myself included, was that items found in chests from the previous Compendium could not be traded until the beginning of this month.

This meant that due to the set you receive being randomised, when you received a set for a hero you didnt play or you didn't particularly like - in my case the Executioner Ray Hood for Tidehunter, there was no option to trade it with a friend or another player for something you did like.

This has now changed, most likely due to heavy disapproval of the system, which is great news for those interested in pimping out their heroes for the Winter season.

Pass on the Fall Compendium? Winter Battle Pass might be worth it
The 2016 Winter Battle Pass may seem like just another stunt to cash in on an addiction to hats, but if you passed on the Fall Compendium you may want to have a closer look at the Winter Battle Pass after these changes.

You can learn more about the 2016 Winter Battle Pass here.

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