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The third installment of DotaCinema Captain's Draft hopes to receive support from the Dota 2 community to increase its prize pool with the release of new Treasure chest! Hop in and take a look at some fantastic sets for Sand King, Abaddon and Spirit Breaker.

Shortly after announcing the return of Captain’s Draft, DotaCinema has released a new cosmetics chest called [h3]Treasure of the Enigmatic Wanderer[/h3], containing four main sets for Pugna, Spirit Breaker, Abaddon and Sandking as well as one bonus set of Leshrac.

Pugna's Narcissistic Leech
Spirit Breaker's Elemental Realms

Abaddon's Enveloping Despair
Sand King's Ironclad Mold

Leshrac's Lord of Chronoptic Synthesis


, a hero who has not seen much action in competitive Dota lately, gets a finely retouched appearance with a nicely adorned cloak.

Spirit Breaker

looks extremely intidimating with this new set with a shiny new weapon, even if you decide to use the immortal helmet instead.



will instill fear in the enemy with the infernal mount. Also, his cloak is "pretty sick." (Sunsfan)

Sand King

is definitely the highlight of this chest, the steel-infused set is refreshing on the hero and just insanely awesome, especially with the immortal crown.


the "disco pony" received yet another set, this time as an Extremely Rare Random Bonus Rewards. However, this set does not look very different from his previous ones, barring for the weapon which may vie with his immortal staff in terms of popularity.

Sets contained in the Treasure of the Enigmatic Wanderer

You can purchase the Treasure here. Ten per cent of the proceeds of each sale contributes to the tournament prize pool. To get a closer look, check out Sunsfan's introductory video below:

What do you think about the new chest? Does any one look particularly appealing to you? Would you buy it?