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It's been over a year but Captain's Draft is back for a third season, with a $100,000 prize pool and an impressive guest list including TI5 champions Evil Geniuses. The number of teams has also been increased!

If you are a fan of unorthodox drafts and love seeing pros being forced to expand their hero pools live, stay tuned for Captains Draft 3.0! Over one year after the 2.0 Grand Finals, the third installment of Moonduck Studio and DotaCinema's tournament will begin next week on January 19th, where some of the best CIS, North American and European teams will be facing off, hopefully with less-than-usual picks.

Season 3 sports nearly twice as many teams as its predecessor, as 14 squads will make an appearance this time around. Eight will have to battle their way through a double elimination bracket to try to secure one of the last two spots in the group stage, where the other six teams will be waiting for them. The results will seed teams in the final phase, another double elimination bracket, from where the champions of versatility and improvisation will finally arise.

Regarding the prize money, Moonduck announced a base prize pool of $100,000, but are yet to clarify how the community will be able to boost that bounty.

We could see an Arc Warden in the pool!

Last but not least: the Captains Draft pool is composed of a random selection of 27 heroes chosen from the complete hero pool, which could mean we may be only a few days ahead of the very

first pro game featuring Arc Warden


However, while there is a ~25% chance of him appearing in the pool, he is expected to be banned more often than not, especially since CD allows for a combined six bans before the picks even start taking place.

Participating teams

Qualifier tier

ua Natus Vincere
world Planet Odd* (new to season 3)
us compLexity Gaming (new to season 3)
ru Team Spirit (new to season 3)
fi STARK* (new to season 3)
world STEAK GAMING* (new to season 3)
Fantastic Five (new to season 3)
by Power Rangers*

Groupstage tier

us Evil Geniuses
ru Team Empire (new to season 3)
ru Vega Squadron * (new to season 3)
ru Virtus.Pro*
eu Team Liquid (new to season 3)
se Alliance

Unfortunately both eu OG and the defending champions, eu Team Secret, declined their invitations and won't be competing.

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