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The MSI Dragon Battle #9 will conclude today and eu EE's Disciples and ru Pajero Esports* were among the qualifier teams to make it through the gauntlet. The open qualifier teams made it through 6 rounds to reach the playoffs, but with previous winners by Power Rangers* in attendance, things could get rough.

The MSI Dragon Battle #9 is open to anyone and everyone, although a cut-throat 1-game series is certainly stressful. ru Yellow Submarine are used to it, having won the TI5 EU open qualifiers but they have yet to win an MSI Dragon Battle. MSI Dragon Battle #8's winners by Power Rangers* are one of the invited teams, while se Spin to Win* are offered a second chance following the withdrawal of ru Pajero Esports* due to scheduling issues.

*se Spin to Win* replace ru Pajero Esports*

Day 3 (Playoffs) - 2nd December
18:00 CEST – Quarterfinals
19:00 CEST - Semi Final 1
20:00 CEST - Semi Final 2
21:00 CEST - Grand Final (Bo3)

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