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Finding a stand-in for a LAN is not that uncommon, but for Complexity they have definitely cut it close. The team are scheduled to begin their journey at GameShow GEC Finals tomorrow, but ran into last minute problems with their roster despite having six players.

Complexity announced the addition of three new players last week, one of which included former Alliance player se Rasmus 'Chessie' Blomdin. To make room for three new players, us Luis 'Zyzz' Perez was moved to a coaching role, a position he has now decided to withdraw from according to Complexity's announcement earlier today.

Unfortunately, ZyzzY informed us just a few hours after our StarLadder wins that he would not be attending the upcoming GameShow LAN. The team spoke at length on the matter, attempting to offer solutions, but it was clear that ZyzzY would not be traveling to the event, and would be stepping down from coL.Dota, effective immediately.

Complexity went on to say the decision is completely his own, and that "ZyzzY may expand on his reasons in his own statement, but for now we will respect his privacy". The timing of his decision is not ideal, especially as with Chessie falling ill with the flu, it left Complexity with only four players for the GameShow LAN.

When announcing the new roster last week, Complexity made it clear they had considered Chessie's history of medical issues, and as such were keeping on Zyzzy as a 6th player should the former Alliance player be unfit to compete. With Zyzzy quitting the team and Chessie unwell, Complexity have fortunately found a replacement.

With just over twelve hours before our flights we hoped that Chessie would make a recovery, but come Saturday morning it was clear he was not fit for travel. Chessie later saw a doctor that confirmed he should not be traveling with his flu-like symptoms, and would not be able to travel to any part of the GameShow GEC event.

To be clear, this a separate medical issue from those that have prevented Chessie from competing for the last year. We anticipate this to be a temporary ailment, with no impact on his future ability to compete with the team.

Slovenian PingVincek to save the day
The organisation "reached out to other players", and ultimately chose Slovenian si Jure 'Pingvincek' Plešej, who has played with the team after the Frankfurt Major qualifiers. PingVincek has competed for several teams in the past including eu EE's Disciples, eu hehe united and ua ScaryFaceZZZ*.

"He is now on his way to the event and will start at the core position in tomorrow’s matches. We are extremely grateful for his willingness to travel last minute and help our team in a time of need," said Complexity.

CoL are set to play two matches tomorrow in the GameShow GEC Finals, the first against kr MVP Phoenix* and the second versus DreamLeague Season 4 bronze medalists eu Mamas Boys*. You can learn more about the competition here.

Complexity's roster for the event
si Jure 'Pingvincek' Plešej
us Zakari 'ZfreeK' Freedman
us Kyle 'Kyle' Freedman
se Linus 'Limmp' Blomdin
se Simon 'Handsken' Haag

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