Last chance to sign up for MSI Dragon Battle #9! Sign-ups close today

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We've witnessed Dota of the highest tier over the last 10 days and now it's time for us mortals to try our hand at success. Sign-ups are now open for the MSI Dragon Battle #9, which comes with a 2,000 EUR prize pool and an opportunity to play with some top notch competition. The Fall Majors hopefully taught you a few things, so why not put them into practice? Sign-ups are open to anyone and everyone.

The Fall Majors taught us a few things; Huskar can actually be legit with Dazzle, 4 position Tiny works and if your enemy 5-man pushes your tier 3's it might not be the best idea to cancel your TP home to push a tier 2. The MSI Dragon Battle #9 will take place over three days as usual, with two days for the open qualifiers and one day for the playoffs. The playoffs will include 4 invited teams to be announced in the near future.

Sign-up your team for MSI Dragon Battle

Schedule (All times are in CET)
Day 1-2 (Open Qualifier) - 30th November - 1st December
Day 1, 18:15 - Round 1
Day 1, 19:30 - Round 2
Day 1, 20:45 - Round 3
Day 1, 22:00 - Round 4 (if more than 256 teams sign up)
Day 2, 18:00 - Round of 32
Day 2, 19:15 - Round of 16
Day 2, 20:30 - Round of 8

Day 3 (Playoffs) - 2nd December
18:00 CEST – Quarterfinals
19:00 CEST - Semi Final 1
20:00 CEST - Semi Final 2
21:00 CEST - Grand Final (Bo3)

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