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The first South American team to ever attend a Valve sponsored event have just taken the biggest victory of their careers. pe unknown managed to beat The International 4 champions - cn Newbee and eliminate them from the tournament in the first round of the Lower Bracket. And just like that the biggest underdogs at the event secured at least a Top 12 finish to keep their dream of Top 4 alive.
Team Unknown. Image courtesy of ESL.

pe unknown as well as NewBee finished bottom two in their respective groups during the group stage and as a result got seeded straight into the the Lower Bracket. The first round of the LB has been played in a Best of 1 format so it was all on the line just on that one game.

The draft: Safe from NewBee, unconventional from Unknown

NewBee have definitely felt like the favourites going into this match which could be already seen in their draft. As the panel pointed out they opted for the safes and most versatile lineup possible which would allow them to win the game based on, in their minds, superior skill.

Unknown on the other hand deviated a bit from what we have seen so far. The Peruvians decided to first pick a Templar Assassin and rounded their draft up with a carry Alchemist, something that we rarely see these days. As it turns out both of those picks worked out very well for them.

TA first pick and safe lane Alch working out beautifully

The first pick Templar Assassin certainly did wonders for pe unknown - as it did when Unknown met cn Vici Gaming in the groupstages - and with a little help from Rubick, Kotaro was able to kill Mu's Ember Spirit three times in lane. This allowed him to get the ball rolling and dominate throughout the whole game.

Alchemist on the other hand decided to go for a fighting build which included a first item choice of Armlet of Mordiggian. Such a build definitely isn't the standard but it fit perfectly into Peruvian's game plan. As a result Alch was able to contribute early and fight with his team while still being on top of the net worth chart.

Lost the lead but still secured their greatest achievement to date

After a good early game Unknown got a really strong lead when they interrupted NewBee's early Roshan attempt. The Chinese squad was taking Roshan too slowly and got split up as part of the team was trying to buy time for the rest to finish off Roshan. As a result Unknown managed to land a great Winter's Curse which lead to the wiping out of Newbee 6-0.

Despite the strong lead and the fact that they have excelled their domination over the map the Peruvians didn't manage to get a clear victory. A couple of failed high ground attempts, and few over-aggressive initiations led to bad fights which saw them lose their advantage to a very composed NewBee, who were patiently waiting for the slip ups of the inexperienced team.

However, both TA as well as Alch were still farming well and itemizing correctly. As it turned out the game changing item was the Abyssal Blade bought by the Alchemist. It allowed to lock down one of the NewBee's crucial cores for just enough time. It was all that Unknown needed to blow a key hero up in the matter of seconds. With the follow up Winter's Curse the Peruvians were able to win the fight and eliminate the TI4 champions from the tournament.

Unknown.Xiu now progress to play another Chinese team in the next round, the TI5 bronze medalists cn PSG.LGD who were knocked down from the upper-bracket by cn CDEC Gaming.

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