Vietnam's Cosplay contest is back. Help us judge the submissions so far!

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The Vietnam Cosplay group is once again organising a cosplay contest, and submissions are still rolling in. I stumbled across the Vietnam Cosplay contest back in May, and the article proved popular with our readers. Here are some of the most curious, odd and strangely brilliant submissions #CosplayReborn. Simply swipe left or right to decide whether you like or do not like the cosplay! The rules: The rules for the contest are simple, all of the cosplay must be handmade, and Photoshop is not allowed. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, the ones that pass the requirements will be uploaded here and votes will be counted. The organiser of the contest Hung Nguyen put up the prizes himself, and they include a Beats Studio RED, Nanyang Championship Mousepad and a Filco Pink Limited Edition keyboard.

Here are our pick of the submissions so far, share your thoughts!
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