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01 October
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Bad news if you get in low priority: You now need to WIN the matches

posted by Malystryx.GDS,
After removing other game modes such as ARDM from low priority games Valve have now gone and made it even more of a challenge to escape the dreaded LPQ. To complete your low priority games you not only need to complete the matches, you now also need to WIN them. This is going to make things a lot more difficult, however the number of low priority games you need to complete has been reduced.

Low priority can be frustrating, especially if your reports have largely been down to a poor internet connection or toxic team-mates. In the past the citizens of LPQ realised that ARDM was an incredibly quick way to finish their alloted games and the "5on5 mid ARDM" frenzy resulted in 15-20 minute games and everybody whizzing through the games.

Now the low priority queue will be an even more frustrating grind as you will have to attempt to convince your allies that winning is the ultimate goal, otherwise you may find yourself in the LPQ for all eternity. The silver lining however is that if you can manage to pull that off, you will have less LPQ games to play thanks to Valve's other amendment that "the number of Low Priority games needed to complete has been reduced".

Dota 2 Update - October 22nd 2015
Fixed Dire fountain ramp collision.
Low Priority games now have to be won in order to count.
Fixed a bug that could cause periodic hitching.
The number of Low Priority games needed to complete has been reduced.
Custom Games: Fixed a bug that prevented CreateHTTPRequest from working on dedicated servers.

What do you think of the changes to low priority queue? Is it better or worse?
The change itself was suggested in a Reddit thread yesterday by a user called maReDux. Whether or not he is a hero or a villain we will let the poll decide.

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